Ooty Garden and Parks

Botanical Garden

As the name says this Garden formed by Mr.Mc.Ivor during the year 1857-1867 is a collection of flora. Words to be found to describe the beauty of this botanical Garden. The total area of this place is about 22 hectares. Situated at the slope, down the hills at a height of 2400-2500 meters. An explicit collection of flowering tress, Beautiful shrubs, Rare colored lilies are seen, orchids present here are really enchanting. Even rare species of cactus, Succulents and many pteridophytes are seen here. Small glass house plants are also grown here.A very pleasant experience is gained by visiting here. “Women love flowers and men love women” so all love this place as Nature mother loves the humankind. Not for words but really a fantastic experience. Fares are:- for adults Rs.10 Children Rs. 5 camera Rs 30 and video camera Rs. 500.

Children’s park

At the eastern end of the lake we find a children’s park. Already the climate and natural green carpet, adding pride to ooty, this children’s park is also an important place. The Green atmosphere, the St.Thomas church view and the moving railway from the mountain would definitely attract any child and will make them enjoy so much. There are really Good entertainment inside this park. Rowing, Boating and Horse riding are they. A park filled with fun, really.

The Thread Garden

This place is an amazing collection of flowers. But, differently these are not Natural flowers but completely made out of Threads. Because of this reason the name has been given as the thread Garden. The power of man kind could be seen when we visit this place. Without machines a hundred percent handcraft beauties are created. people say it took twelve years to create this fantasy. The difference between Natural and woven thread flowers could not be found easily. To that extent the perfection is seen.