Ooty Hills and Forest

Cairn Hill

Situated at a distance of 3 km form the avalanche hills. The dense cypress tree in this place makes it important. A very nice picnic spot to visit. Withstanding many natural calamites like Earthquakes, cyclones and Heavy rainfalls this small But Beautiful place still survives which calls us every now and then to visit.


This is the highest point in nilgris Located at a distance of 8 km from ooty. In nilgris plateau this peak point runs north- south. A very high location, whose height is about 2636 m. There are three more hills along with Dodda-Betta, whose names are needed to be mentioned because, the impressive udagamandalam valley is seen as these four mountains unite among themselves. Their names are the snowdown hill, the club hill and the elk hill.

Glen morgen

This spot is located at a distance of 17 km from ooty. An important place with thick forests. More varieties of trees are seen over here. Some important species helpful to mankind are also found here. An Electricity Board operates here. But, due to thick forests and perils of wild animals, the staff of that electricity board use to travel in a winch to reach the power house. The Distance between this electricity board and powerhouse is some four kilometers. But all over the way we could enjoy watching the undisturbed wild habitat and green trees.

Tiger Hill

A Beautiful hill located to the east of udagamandalam. That too is at the lower bend of Dodda-Betta peak. Mountain Trekking is a is an excellent thing to be done to reach the spot actually for about 3 km. up the hill, A drinking water reservoir is seen. A closed cave is seen at the upper parts of this Hill. The reasons behind this closed cave will take us to some legends. What ever may be the things this is an excellent place to enjoy.