Ooty Palaces

Ooty is not only a place of green things and beautiful flowers. But also a Tourist spot with extraordinary architectural heights. Various rulers of Tamilnadu have built many palaces which were used by them as their summer resorts. Mainly the palaces seen here were Built By Kings of mysore, vadodara , jothpur and Hydrebad. Out of many palaces the Arronmore Place of Jothpur province was sold to madras Government after independence. The name of that place is been changed as Thamizhagam and it is been used as the government Guest house. The king of Jodhpur built another palace called as Awnandale. It is still maintained and is in a good condition.

The erstwhile maharaj of mysore, constructed a Beautiful palace in a swiss chalet style called fernhill palace in the year 1842. Now this palace is converted to a posh star hotel impressing the tourists. Also Baroda palace and elk hill house are some examples for sculptural beauties in udagamandalam.